The film, called Intercept, aims to inform those who are less aware of the issues we are facing in the food industry.  It includes an interview with our Community Farmer, Ian Sumpter, and other local people who are “taking action against the food system in order to highlight the scale of food waste”.

It is easy to think you can’t do anything about such a big problem. However, as Darren Hall says: “if you know how, you can already live quite a low impact lifestyle”. Change could be as simple as buying organic carrots in your local shop or coming to visit your local community farm.

The Community Farm takes pride in the fact that some of our vegetables are wonky. They still sell them, as they are perfectly tasty!

They manage their stock carefully to avoid waste as much as possible. On the few occasions were they do have surplus they call on food projects like FareShare or food banks to help find the produce a new home.

They even have business customers who make soup, jam or preserves from surplus or damaged fruit and vegetables

Our thanks also to Annie Stevens for creating the video.