Why Scotland?

The maritime summer climate is cooler than many other potato growing regions allowing crops to thrive at a significantly lower risk of viral disease. These diseases are spread by aphids.  Aphids are the small insects which transport the spores of viral diseases throughout potato crops, allowing infection to spread easily. The naturally cooler climate of Scotland, not only in summer months but also during the winter months of January and February, reduces and postpones the development of aphids.


Although Skea Organics is now a highly recognised name in the potato industry, supplying to many larger organisations and seed sellers we are still a family business who value all orders large and small. Potato House UK is the website dedicated to our small customers-Gardeners & Allotment holders, who are looking for wide and unique selection of potato varieties. If you are , for any reason can’t find a variety you are looking for, please give us a call and we will do our best to find the variety (or adequate substitute) you are after.

Breeding Programmes

We are always after new varieties. Within our breeding programmes we try to find new varieties not only for commercial market but also interesting for small gardeners and allotment growers. Our main aim is focused to blight resistant and tasteful varieties.