Potato House

We would like to welcome all Skea Organics customers to our brand new online shop where you find a wide selection of Speciality, Heritage and Organic seed potatoes. Under the new name but with the same high quality seed potatoes which we have have been supplying to farmers, gardeners and allotment holders for many years from the heart of Scotland.


It is over fifteen years now since we started Skea Organics, the parent of Potato House, and registered as an organic seed potato supplier.

In 2010 we decided to extend our variety list of Heritage and Speciality seed potato varieties which have long histories and exclusive characteristics. We have developed into highly recognised name in the potato industry and now supply not only all over the UK but to most of Europe as well.

Leary’s Organic Seeds have worked extensively with other organic farmers in the UK and in Holland who produce organic seed potatoes and organic onion, shallot and garlic sets. They’ve set up the first commercial company supplying organic seed potatoes and organic onion, shallot and garlic sets to farmers and growers. Their customers ranged from large organic arable farmers supplying supermarkets to smaller dedicated growers operating vegetable box deliveries and farm shops. Potato House website was created to offer even wider range of seed potatoes for Leary’s customers. All customers looking for organic onion, shallots and garlic sets please visit their website LEARY’S ORGANIC SEEDS.

Sarpo Potatoes Ltd

Sarpo Potatoes Ltd is a trading arm of the Sarvari Research Trust which has worked on the breeding of blight resistant potatoes since 2002. They have listed 7 Sarpo varieties since then. Skea Organics took over promoting and selling these varieties in 2016.

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