Which Potato Should I choose?

Choose by Maturity, Name, Cooking type, Family or Colour. We have customer reviews to help and if you still can’t decide, have a look at our A-Z chart

With such a choice, it is hard to narrow it down. We have organic, speciality, heritage and blight-resistant varieties. The Sarpo Family are here as are Phureja and Mayan seed potatoes. We are renowned for our range of coloured varieties – blue flesh, red skin – there’re all here. Firm favourites such as Colleen, Setanta and Charlotte feature in our shop alongside rare varieties such as Salad Blue and Shetland Black and all are certified seed grown by us in Scotland. We also have a FAQ page for all your potato questions. You can browse our range by clicking on a category or use the search facility if you know the variety you are looking for. If you can’t find a specific variety or have any questions, please get in touch.

We have a licence to grow from many different potato companies, as well as exclusive rights to many varieties and so our range is the best in the UK. We are continually seeking out new varieties to grow. There are as many ways to chose a potato as there are potatoes and if you prefer making an informed decision rather than picking a name you like, we can help you understand some terminology.

We invite you to browse our shop and create wishlists for the varieties you would like to try in 2021. You can make several so can compare the earlies or main crops as well as the reds and blues that interest you. You will find 70 varieties to cater for the needs of the discerning gardener and allotmenteer!

If you ordered from us before and can remember what you ordered, please leave a product review. During summers we reflect on the season gone by, make plans to improve our varieties on offer for our customers and prepare for the new season.

Choose your potatoes by Maturity

The most common way of choosing a potato is by crop type – the maturity. But what does early or main crop mean? Quite simply it is the length of time taken for the plant to mature and give a good harvest. If you planted a tuber of each cropping type on the same day, the earlies would be ready first. Early potatoes are what we think of when new potatoes are mentioned – harvest cooked and eaten within a few hours for that magical new potato taste. New potatoes are often quite expensive in shops and so many gardeners like to grow these. They take 10-12 weeks to mature and are usually harvested before blight sets in. These potatoes do not store for too long. Can be planted up until the end of June for harvesting till the end of October.

Second Earlies take slightly longer at around 14-16 weeks to mature, Early Main Crop and Main Crop (sometimes lumped together) take around 15 – 22 week respectively to mature and these varieties are the ones that will store for much longer. Main crops can be planted till around end of May for harvesting till the end of October. There is so much variation in the weather throughout the UK it is hard to give definitive dates as to when to plant. You need to be aware of the last (average) frost dates where you are as the young plant is susceptible to frost. The traditional date for planting was Easter Sunday but I suspect this is due to the first bank holiday of the year and people wanting to get out and about. You most certainly are not too late if you have only thought about growing your own potatoes in April.

There is obviously some overlap in these broad definitions and other factors such as chitting, soil, weather, location in the garden as well as personal preference to be taken into account. Most people will either stagger planting or plant different crop types to ensure a long supply of homegrown potatoes. Recently a 5th crop type has been talked about – the Late Season for Christmas Market. These potatoes can be any crop type and are grown accordingly. We have an information page about growing late season potatoes and these are only available from late May.

Names of potatoes can bring back memories or start a tradition!

Some people are delighted to find a potato that their grandparents used to grow, like Edzell Blue, others like the sound of Bambino and others pick a potato because their 8-year-old daughter is called Emily and is determined to grow a Red Emmalie. There are many exotic sounding potato names – perhaps they remind you of a holiday. There is absolutely nothing wrong with picking your potatoes by their name….or indeed picking your children’s names from your favourite potato! These are all true stories and we have articles about these and other methods of chosing your potato on our news page!

Choosing by Cooking Type

Have you ever tried to mash a potato that simply wouldn’t, or have your boiled potatoes disintegrated? Your culinary disasters may simply be due to using the wrong potato type. You might have seen a recipe asking for a floury variety or a TV chef using a waxy type. Many people phone us to ask if we can supply a baking potato or which potato is the best for roasting. It is so true that many potatoes have one or two distinct purposes while others can be seen more as all-rounders. The three types are Floury, Waxy and smooth. As a general rule, most potatoes tend to fall into one of two categories; floury or waxy. Waxy potatoes hold their shape and have a firm bite, so they’re great for salads or simply boiled and dressed with butter. Floury potatoes, on the other hand, fluff up when they’re cooked, making them perfect for chips, roast potatoes or baking. But there are varieties that fall in the centre, holding both waxy and firm qualities and these are defined as smooth. These make great all-rounders, and tend to have the creamy consistency needed for a smooth mash.


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Chosing by Potato Colour

We are renowned for having an array of coloured seed potatoes! The purples, the pinks and the blues! We have potatoes where the flesh is also coloured. This is always a talking point – whether it is toddlers or friends round for a meal – everyone is impressed. The toddlers get told that the blue mash has super powers and the adults will check if blue potatoes have super powers! The nutritional values are the same although there are some studies which indicate that a range of food colours is better for you. We do, of course, have white skin and flesh seed potatoes.

Blue Skin

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Blue Flesh

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Red Flesh

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Parti Skin

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White Flesh

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Red Skin

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White Skin

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Choosing by our different “families”

We have many different “families” of potatoes and some varieties will fall into a few of the families. We’d like to give you some background on each.

Our range of speciality and heritage varieties is quite incredible; we are helping to bring some varieties back from extinction such as Lumpers and Ratte. Each year we try to extend the range as many people want to experiment with these older varieties and they are seeing something of a resurgence in the press and in restaurants. We grow small areas of many of these older varieties and they do sell out quite quickly. The definition of a heritage variety is one that was bred prior to 1950. They have been around for a while and the reason is generally the taste – the yield may not be as good as modern varieties and may be prone to diseases, but are certainly worth a try.

Our Organic Range. Skea Organics is our parent company and are renowned for supplying high-quality organic seed potatoes to farmers and market gardeners throughout the UK and beyond. We are delighted to be able to bring the same range of organic seed potatoes to gardeners and allotment holders. Our Organic range is about a only third according to the variety list, however, by area grown and crop yeild it is over 90% of our harvest.

The Phureja Family, with exotic names such as Mayan Gold and Inca Bella, are varieties originating from the Andean valleys in South America. By hybridization with Solanum tuberosum by the Scottish Crop Research Institute, varieties were obtained which are adapted to the European climate. The varieties can be planted in areas with a mild climate, where culture throughout the year is possible. These crossings are particularly popular as a culinary potato for their excellent taste and less cooking time.

The Ark of Taste is a key international project of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. It aims to catalogue and promote quality products from around the world that are rooted in culture, history and tradition and that are in danger of disappearing. It is quite exciting to see so many of our varieties listed in this catalogue and we aim to have more soon.

Skea Potatoes are exclusively grown by us for the UK market.

sarpo sack

For many years Sarpo potato varieties have had a fervent following with gardeners and allotment holders.  The reasons for that are simple. Allotment holders frequently grow their vegetables in an organic way and so are always looking for varieties that do not need spraying.

The Sárvári family from the Lake Balaton region in Hungary started breeding potatoes for high resistance to late-blight disease over 40 years ago.  The late Dr Sárvári was director of Keszthely Research Institute (now University of Pannonia Georgikon, Faculty of Agriculture, Potato Research Centre).  His Soviet bosses wanted a hardy strain of potatoes for growing across the USSR which would survive the ravages of climate and disease and that were not dependent on expensive chemical inputs. The first variety to be Nationally Listed in 2002 was Sarpo Mira, a clone with outstanding resistance. This was followed shortly after by Axona, another maincrop clone with good flavour. In 2013 Sarpo Potatoes Ltd was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sarvari Trust. We are the exclusive grower and supplier to the UK market of Sarpo Seed Potatoes.


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              Our website was revamped over summer 2020 and since then many of our customers have left reviews for the potatoes they have bought recently.

              It is always good to get personal recommendations – whether that is from your neighbour who obviously has similar weather and soil issues or from someone who recently started growing their own potatoes, or an “old-timer” (who may be half your age!) who knows about diseases as well as the rare varieties to watch out for. Our news page has articles by different journalist and bloggers giving their thoughts on our potato varieties.

              The following advice is also great:

              “It is always so hard to recommend just one variety – I would advise getting at least one early and one main crop so you have homegrown potatoes for a while.”

              HAzel Fraser – Customer via EMail

              If after all that, you still can’t decide, here is an A-Z of all our varieties

              Seed PotatoShort descriptionCategoriesProduct link
              AlouetteAlouette is a versatile red skinned table variety producing oval long tubers with shallow eyes and yellow flesh colour.  It has excellent resistance to both foliage and tuber blight. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              AmboAmbo is a very attractive early maturing versatile parti-coloured variety with good foliage and tuber late blight resistance. High yielding in a wide range of soil types and presents good drought resistance. Resistance to late blight on tubers. Popular with growers for its good blight and scab resistance the plant produces a high yield of floury potatoes which can be boiled or baked.

              AnyaThe Anya potato tastes great but not so good on the looks front!  High yielding.  The taste is slightly unusual being nutty, almost like a chestnut.  They hold their shape well when boiled. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available in 5-TUBER NETS AND NOT THE USUAL 6-TUBER NETS 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              Arran PilotFor amateur gardeners looking for a tasty first early variety it has been a top choice for many years. Taste delicious when harvested and served immediately. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              Arran VictoryThe one of our very popular Heritage varieties. Named on the Isle of Arran after the first World War, first marketed in 1918 and bred by Donald McKelvie. This round to oval tuber has consistently been popular with growers due to high yields and long seasons. Distinct blue/purple skin covers white flesh, which although it will mash well it does fall apart when boiling.  They have a good earthy taste and make fantastic roasties. 🥔This variety is available as ware / table potatoes – either washed or unwashed. Please make sure you order the correct specification. 🥔Ware will be dispatched immediately – we will only have certain varieties available at certain times and can not do a delayed delivery.

              AuraFrench variety dating back to 1950s. Long shaped, yellow skin, yellow flesh tubers with perfect cooking characteristics. Ideal for roasting, boiling and steaming. It has high resistance to common scab.

              BambinoShort oval tuber with white skin and cream flesh, great salad variety. Lovely salad potatoes with a smooth light waxy texture. Great organic variety due to high blight, scab and blackleg resistance.

              Belle de FontenayBelle de Fontenay is an old French salad variety from around 1885 producing long, yellow-skinned tubers with light yellow flesh.  It's a very firm and waxy potato with a great taste, ideal for steaming and boiling.  The tubers store after harvesting for several months and the flavour is even said to improve with age.

              Blue AnneliseBlue Anneliese is the newest addition to our Speciality range. It produces long shaped, blue skin and blue flesh tubers.  Slightly creamy flavour with a nutty aroma.

              Blue CongoBlue Congo produces long to oval shaped tubers with blue skin and blue flesh.

              British QueenVersatile Favourite.  Producing a moderate to high yield of white-skinned, oval tubers with a white, floury flesh. Popular for its versatility in the kitchen – another potato which needs gentle simmering to produce excellent mash, and a great roaster.

              CaraGardeners love Cara for its high levels of resistance to drought, blight, common scab and viruses. One of the best hardy growers, the tubers are white and round with shallow pink eyes. In the kitchen they are good for baking and chipping. 🥔This variety is available as ware / table potatoes - either washed or unwashed.  Please make sure you order the correct specification. 🥔Ware will be dispatched immediately - we will only have certain varieties available at certain times and can not do a delayed delivery.

              CarolusCarolus is an attractive early main crop with a pretty red flash over a pale yellow skin. It has very high dry matter so is perfect for baking, mashing and roast potatoes. Can be steamed but do not boil for more than 15 minutes as it may break up it bit. But it must be said it is the perfect choice for home cooked chunky chips, potato skins or bubble and squeak.

              CasablancaChefs and cooks will love the versatility of the potato Casablanca. Good for all uses from boiling and chipping to mash and roasting.

              CharlotteCharlotte is best known for its culinary excellence, of course it is French. Best eaten fresh as a salad it can be stored up till Christmas. It is noted for good resistance against slugs and common scab leading to good appearance.  Charlotte potatoes have a fresh flavoured which tastes great either hot or cold. They are ideal boiled as part of a salad as they hold their shape well and can even be roasted whole.  

              ColleenA good all rounder – good in the kitchen and good in the ground. High disease and pest resistance give this white tuber a high yield and good appeal to all growers looking for a bountiful harvest.   Colleen is an early bulking variety with waxy flesh and also medium dry matter.   Particularly good for baking and chips as well as being an excellent new potato – with good disease resistance.

              DesireeThe chef's favourite maincrop red skin variety.  Large oval tubers which bulk up early combined with high yields make this a small growers favourite.  Reasonable resistance to viruses and blight too. In the kitchen cooks love them – red skinned with firm yellow flesh they are one of the most versatile potatoes in the pantry.

              Duke of YorkA popular heritage variety, highly regarded since its establishment in 1891.   Duke Of York is low growing so ideal for a windy garden.  Perfect for new potatoes but can be left to develop into a quality general purpose option,  suitable for any type of culinary endeavour!  Once they are boiled the potatoes are dry and mealy, making them ideal to boil straight from harvest. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              Early RoseVery Early American variety. It produces oval tubers with red skin and cream flesh. It has very smooth texture and it's great for mashing and roasting. 🥔 Note that this variety is stocked in 6 tuber, 1kg, and 10kg only. Some varieties are only grown in small quantities and we are unable to offer these in 25kg.

              Edzell BlueA blue skinned and white fleshed potato produces great flavoured and vibrant dishes in the kitchen when baked, mashed and fried due to their floury nature.

              EpicureAlso known as 'Ayrshires', the traditional early potato in that region, Epicure produce high yields of floury, white fleshed tubers that are round in shape. By far one of the best tasting first earlies, these potatoes are now making a comeback by popular demand.  An old heritage variety, Epicure potatoes have the ability to recover quickly from a nip of frost, which is what makes them so popular in colder or higher areas.  Boil, mash or enjoy them with a salad. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              FoxtonOval red skin, yellow flesh variety with high resistance to dry rot and tuber blight.  Foxton is great in the kitchen. 🥔 Note that this variety is stocked in 6 tuber, 1kg, and 10kg only. Some varieties are only grown in small quantities and we are unable to offer these in 25kg.

              GatsbyIt is a cross between Saxon and Valor with high resistance to dry rot and powdery scab. Gatsby has long oval tubers with white skin and cream flesh. It produces a high yield of tubers and it is an ideal baking variety.

              Gift CardNot sure what to present to buy for the potato-loving friend or relative?   Let them chose what they want!  Please ensure that you have their correct email and this will be sent out to them automatically. If you can say it with flowers, you can say it with potatoes!
              Golden WonderA brown rough skinned tuber bred in Arbroath, Scotland. This potato has a very high dry matter, which can easily register over 25 per cent which makes it ideal for chipping. Invariably grown in Scotland and Ireland where the preference is for a floury taste, this potato benefits from the best flavour developing a few months after lifting. Making it ideal for the small grower who wishes to harvest and enjoy the rewards gradually.  

              Heidi RedGerman Speciality variety with medium blight resistance.  The Heidi Red (Heiderot) potato produces long shaped tubers with bright red skin and flesh.  Heiderot is characterised by a red meat colour and a slightly buttery, delicious potato taste. It is ideal for salads and boiled potatoes.

              Highland Burgundy RedRed skin and red flesh with a white ring under the skin.  Around since the 1930s and linked with the Duke of Burgundy through name. This red-skinned and red-fleshed variety is impressive from the start. A joy to specialist growers, It provides flavour which brightens up any dish. Ideal for making chips or wedgies.  Producing moderate yields with high numbers of tubers per plant.

              Home GuardA tasty variety, loved since its rise to popularity in WWII. Home Guard seed potatoes are well known for their early lifting ability.  High-yielding and with good resistance to scab, which explains why this popular wartime variety found huge has continued to remain one of the gardener's favourites since WWII.   Home Guard is a superior potato of excellent flavour that does not go floury like some varieties, making it an excellent boiling potato.

              International KidneyThe International Kidney potato is the variety which, when grown on Jersey, is more commonly known as Jersey Royals.   Key to this variety, when grown as a new potato, is the extremely thin skin which is kept on when boiled. Boil them when picked early, they have an almost buttery taste which few other varieties can match.  They also do well if left in the ground for a month or so longer when they bulk up to a floury maincrop potato which is good for roasting, chips and wedges but no longer so good for boiling. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              Kerr's PinkKerr’s Pink produces round tubers with light pink skin and small delicate deep red eyes. The flesh is a cream-white with a very fine-grained, floury, fluffy texture once cooked. Kerr's Pink have traditionally been prepared with skin on and  mashed, roasted, or baked.

              KestrelKestrel gives good yields of very attractive, long oval, parti-coloured tubers which have good all-round cooking quality. It has good chipping potential, particularly early in the season.  Also has excellent and disease and slug resistance. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards  

              King EdwardKing Edward is one of the oldest of the UK potato varieties dating back to its introduction in the UK during 1902. The reason that it still exists today is because of its excellent taste, good keeping properties and above average disease resistance.

              Lady BalfourNamed after the soil association founder especially for the organic market. Lady Balfour has high yields and very good disease resistance. Oval tubers with splashes of pink, have firm cream flesh and a mild flavour.

              LindaNot all potato varieties have been fought for like the Linda, which survived nearly being withdrawn from the commercial market a few years ago. It comes from Germany where it has a considerable and enthusiastic following after being saved from extinction by a committed group of gardeners and growers.  A yellow skinned and yellow flesh tuber it grows well to produce versatile potatoes in the kitchen. 🥔 Note that this variety is stocked in 6 tuber, 1kg, and 10kg only. Some varieties are only grown in small quantities and we are unable to offer these in 25kg.

              LumpersThe 'Irish Lumper' is noted for its ability to flourish on garden beds that are poor in nutrients, wet-footed, or both.    The 'Irish Lumper' has been characterized as a "wet, nasty, knobbly old potato".

              MajesticMajestic produces a  large and regular crop.  It also benefits from producing a reasonably early crop making it a good choice for cooler areas of the UK. Good for most cooking uses, it also stores well. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              Maris BardA cream skinned and white fleshed oval tuber variety. Produces a medium waxy potato which holds its shape making it good for boiling and chipping, and a delight in salads. A fast growing and high yielding crop can be expected with a plant of berries and violet flowers.

              Maris PeerA medium sized potato with good disease resistance which can be grown easily in a shady spot in the garden or container. In the kitchen cooks like its versatility of being good boiled and eaten hot or cold or even cooked as wedges.

              Maris PiperThe Maris Piper has a golden skin and creamy white flesh with a fluffy texture. This makes it a versatile all rounder, great for chips and roast potatoes, but also good for mash and wedges. Maris Pipers have a high dry matter content which is what gives them their fabulous fluffiness.  This makes them perfect for roast potatoes but they need timing when parboiling for the textured surface which creates a wonderful crispy, crunchy outer. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              Mary's RoseWe are very excited to introduce this potato as it is a new homebred Skea Organics variety.  Pink skin and white flesh, high yielding with good taste, it holds its shape very well, great for boiling, mashing and roasting.

              Mayan GoldMayan Gold is a unique heritage variety, because they are the first potato in the UK from the indigenous Phureja potatoes of Peru.  Mayan Gold originated from the foothills of the Andes of Peru where its ancestors were once farmed by the Incas.  Mayan Gold produces long oval, parti pink skinned tubers with deep yellow flesh. Getting more and more popular for its unique taste, with a nutty flavour proving to be an exceptional variety for chips, crisp and roast.

              Mayan RoseMayan Rose is a cross between Mayan Twilight and Mayan Gold.  A new Phureja variety, Peruvian potatoes which are known for a third less cooking time than standard potato varieties. It produces long oval red parti-coloured tubers with yellow flesh. It's perfect for boiling, mashing and roasting.

              Mayan TwilightSpeciality variety with red parti-coloured skin and creamy, golden flesh. It produces long oval tubers. Perfect for salads, they're best steamed to preserve skin colour but can also be left in the ground for a heavy crop perfect for roasting or baking.  They do not take as long to cook as other varieties.  High resistance to scab, bruising and black leg.

              NicolaVariety which produces a high number of well-shaped oval tubers with yellow skin and yellow flesh. It has a high resistance to common and powdery scab. Great for boiling and wedges as well.

              OrlaA great plant and product loved by many for good reason. Large white tubers of high blight and scab resistance which can be harvested early or left to bulk up. This versatility also extends to the kitchen where potatoes can be used for most cooking methods – from baking and mashing to chips, boiling and roasting.

              OspreyOsprey produces good yields of bold bright tubers of good all round cooking quality.  Osprey potatoes are particularly good when baked thanks to their smooth skin. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available in 5-TUBER NETS AND NOT THE USUAL 6-TUBER NETS 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              Pentland Javelin

              Pentland Javelin potatoes were bred by a young Jack Dunnett back in 1968.  For years they have been considered to be one of the finest first earlies that you can grow.  Pentland Javelin produces heavy crops of short oval white skinned tubers with pure white tasty flesh.  A great potato to put into the pan and boil and use for salads, Pentland Javelin also has good all-round disease resistance to common scab and blackleg.  It can be left in the ground longer then most first earlies to mature further giving a more floury potato.

              PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              Pink Fir AppleWell known novelty variety with long and knobbly tubers.  Most people who don't know potatoes varieties know the Pink Fir Apple.  A firm white flesh surrounded by pink tinged skin.  Waxy variety is always a delight to pull out of the ground and brightens any salad to get the conversation going.

              Pink GypsyAttractive for its red parti-coloured skin. Variety which produces long oval tubers with white flesh. Great for boiling and roasting. It has a high resistance to powdery and common scab.

              RatteClassic French variety which produces long shaped tubers with white skin and yellow flesh. It's also known as Asparges. It has a quite distinctive chestnut flavour and it's the most delicious when boiled or steamed, hot or cold.

              RecordYellow fleshed mealy tuber variety. Rough yellow skin covers this often misshapen oval tuber. Welcomed by growers for its blight resistance it is favoured in the kitchen for chipping and roasting mainly but can be boiled and baked too.

              Red Duke of YorkRed skins and creamy white flesh tubers are produced from a fast growing plant. Used for colour in cooking when the skins are left on. It has a great flavour when mashed with amply amounts of butter. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              Red EmmalieNew Speciality variety which was added to UK National List in 2012. Red skin and red flesh make this variety very attractive for chefs. It produces long oval tubers which have a smooth texture ideal for mashing and boiling.

              Red King EdwardEarly Maincrop – 1916 Red version of the King Edward. Vigorous growing plant with few flowers, this rare heritage potato stores well and has excellent roasting and baking qualities. An oval shape, red skin with white flushes and a floury texture.

              RobintaVariety with smooth oval consistent tubers. One of the leading red varieties in the organic market due to its blight resistance and good cooking qualities. It produces a good crop of red skinned potatoes with cream flesh ideal for salads and boiling. 🥔This variety is available as ware / table potatoes – either washed or unwashed.  Please make sure you order the correct specification. 🥔Ware will be dispatched immediately – we will only have certain varieties available at certain times and can not do a delayed delivery.

              RoosterAn excellent all-round potato combining beautiful taste with good yields.   The Rooster’s full, buttery texture and distinctive, nutty taste make it a great choice for roasting or chipping – and it’s extremely easy to peel. With their uniform, rounded shape and size Roosters also make great jacket potatoes. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available in 5-TUBER NETS AND NOT THE USUAL 6-TUBER NETS 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              Salad BlueBlue through and through - and makes great chips, crisps, mash and a colourful salad. Blue skins and blue flesh make this a very popular novelty potato. But there is more to the 1900s crop, a gentle flavour and good texture make this floury potato popular with chefs.

              SanteShort oval tuber with cream skin, light yellow flesh, and shallow - medium eyes.  They are a particularly good baking and boiling potato.

              Sarpo AxonaMaincrop Sarpo variety with red skin. The one of the most popular Sarpo variety with even better characteristics than Sarpo Mira. It produces high yields of big regular tubers. Its great blight and disease resistance, coupled with its weed smothering foliage and natural dormancy makes it ideal for the Grow It Yourself enthusiast or beginner.

              Sarpo Blue DanubeUnique blue skin, white flesh Sarpo variety with excellent overall disease resistance. It's ideal for roasting and chips because of its high dry matter.

              Sarpo KifliSarpo variety which produces long shaped tubers with medium deep eyes. High yielding, which makes it ideal for growing in raised beds and containers where productivity is key, popular waxy potato, great for salads and boiling. Sarpo has until recently had a name for developing main crop, high dry matter potatoes. Kifli changes all that. A creamy fleshed and waxy potato that fits the salad and boiled requirement that many home gardeners seek. Kifli still has great late blight resistance, a very useful characteristic for an early main crop. Kiflis claim to fame is that it has a wonderful new potato flavour that remains right through the summer and autumn.

              Sarpo MiraRenowned by many for its resistance to late blight and even blight recovery, this red skinned tuber is oval in shape with pale flesh. High yielding and long storage capacity makes this both a grower and cooker favourite. The original Sarpo and still the most widely known.

              Sarpo ShonaGreat all round potato. It produces large yields and has many of the classic Sarpo characteristics including high blight resistance. Perfect for mashing, roasting and chips. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              Sarpo UnaMultipurpose variety which can produce nice waxy salad potatoes if harvested early or can be left in ground for a heavy crop of baking potatoes.  It has good resistance to late blight as well as a range of other diseases

              ScapaScapa is a cross between Mayan Twilight and Mayan Gold. It produces long oval tubers with yellow skin and deep yellow flesh. It's perfect for boiling and mashing.

              SetantaMaincrop red skin variety which doesn't suffer blight easily making it ideal for organic and allotment growing whilst still appealing to large growers for high resistance to blight and blackleg. In the kitchen, good for baking, boiling, roasting, and chipping.

              Sharpe's ExpressLong oval tubers of cream flesh and white skin make this mealy potato good for boiling in the kitchen. An old flavour for an early crop make it a long standing favourite. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              Shetland BlackLong and oval in shape, this heritage variety is deceptively named – the flesh is yellow, with a deep blue ring making interesting cooking opportunities.   Around since at least the early 1920s when it was added to the Victorian collection.  Very tasty and fluffy, they fry well and make creative sautéed potatoes, crisps and chips.  It’s best to cook them with the skin on to keep the blue coloured ring. We have a fabulous recipe by Wendy Barrie using Shetland Black.

              SunsetNew variety in our range as a replacement for our favourite Desiree. Sunset produces long oval tubers with deep red skin and creamy flesh. Great for gardeners as it has really high yields. Perfect for mashing, boiling and roasting.

              Swift'The earliest early'!  Swift is an exceptionally early maturing variety, some claim they can do this in 7 weeks but 10 weeks is probably more realistic.   Producing good yields of attractive medium-sized tubers. Cooking quality and skin finish are also good. Often overlooked is their good pest and disease resistance.  Their final plus point is that they keep well in the ground, turning more floury as time goes on. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              TwinnerRather large, oval tubers with a yellow skin- and flesh colour.  Rather firm cooking with good consumption characteristics, a rather good dry matter content.  Late blight resistant in both foliage and tubers. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VARIETY 🥔 Is available from MID DECEMBER 2020 onwards

              Ulster CheiftainThis potato is popular with gardeners with slug problems, as it has a good resistance.  A good salad potato.  Oval shaped with white skin and flesh.  First grown in the 1930’s.

              ValorA tall plant which produces large round white potatoes – this variety appeals to growers for an ability to grow in all types of conditions, high resistance to blight and viruses and also high yields. Loved in the kitchen, a floury consistent shaped tuber it can be cooked in many ways.

              ViolettaAttractive blue skin and blue flesh variety which came from Germany and was added to UK National list in 2012.  It produces long oval tubers and it adds an extra appearance to every dish and has a delicate sweet flavour, a slightly fluffy flesh and works well in savoury dishes.  To retain the colour, it’s best to keep the skin on.

              VitabellaVitabella is high blight resistance variety with long harvest window and excellent storage capability. It produces great flavoured light yellow oval tubers, with yellow flesh. Perfect for making boiling and chipping.

              VitelotteVitelotte potatoes have a dark blue, almost black, skin and dark violet-blue flesh; the colour is retained in cooking.   Originally from Peru and Bolivia, cultivated in France since 1850 as a gourmet delicacy and known as the Truffle Potato in Germany.   A delicious, full bodied nutty flavour, reminiscent of chestnuts.

              Yetholm Gypsy(Mr Little’s) Yetholm Gypsy is a distinctive and unique heritage potato with a name which summarises its historical connection to its original community. It has a unique colour with an eye­catching and distinctive red, white and blue patterned skin, and has a versatile flesh good for boiling, steaming and roasting. It has significant ties to the Scottish Borders town of Yetholm in terms of cultural heritage. The potato appears to have been kept in production almost by chance.

              Yukon GoldIt produces yellow skin and yellow flesh tubers. With high dry matter it's an ideal baker variety with surprisingly good boiling qualities.